Hey, I’m Maya!

I teach women how to master their message and create impactful content that sells.

I’ve been making money online for over a decade, and now I help thousands of women do the same through private coaching and exclusive mastermind weekends. I work with coaches & consultants to help them refine their message and create content that will help them confidently sell their coaching programs. 

Learn How To Create Sellable Content

Your content has the ability to reach and impact thousands.

Your voice is your most powerful asset, and content is your voice in tangible form that allows your message to go further.  We are born to use our voice so we can make an impact, and if we’re lucky strategic enough, we can make impacting lives our life’s work. What if you could transform someone’s life or business every time you sent an email, published a blog post, or launched a product? That’s what powerful content is meant to do.

I’ll show you exactly how you can package your message up into powerful content to sell out your programs.  

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Speaking + Private Events

Whether I’m traveling across the country or inviting women to my city, there’s nothing more intimate than being in the same room with committed entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact with their message. 

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