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Content Writing 101: Stalk Your Clients.

As a writer, the absolute best thing you can do for your clients is to take the words...not just out of their mouths... but out of their brain. Your role as a content writer is to make the concepts of your client come alive through words. 


You know that feeling- that magical wave of emotion that comes from reading something that articulates exactly how you feel about a particular subject. It is that relate-ability that gets your client  attention and gets you paid. Here’s how:

Content Writing = Connection Building 

Too often, business owners underestimate the power of their words to win audiences and sell products.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You wouldn’t eat a sandwich from a dirty chef, get implants from a grungy doc or get your makeup done by one of the clowns working at Sephora with poorly- matched foundation and uneven eyebrows. In other words, why is anyone going to be attracted to your message if your words aren’t enticing? Great content moves prospects closer to making a buying decision about your product or your message. A skilled content writer will know how to craft the words that built this bridge, pulling your prospects closer to you.

So how do we content writers build this connection bridge?

I’ll make it simple and keep this brief; I have a lot of client work to get done and frankly, I’m sure you’re busy, too. 

How We the Content Writers Bridge Our Clients to Their Audience. 

Simple: we stalk them. Who is ‘them’? Our clients and members of their target audience.

1. We browse through our clients’ social media accounts to learn the language they use, the products they buy and the way they spend their free time. We ascertain this information and use it to construct content that is congruent to their patterns.

2. We humanize our clients, because we know this sells. Remember the viral photo of President Trump adjusting his son Barron’s tie? This man has just been elected President of the Free World yet his values mandated he take the time to make his son look presentable and feel loved. It’s moments like these, that create the ‘buy- in’ phenomenon. Why? Humans can relate to the human experience. When you experience life and allow me to see your vulnerability, I am able to connect that with my own vulnerability and therefore feel that you can relate to me. 

3. We sniff around the groups, forums and hangouts of our clients’ target audiences.

We content writers cannot connect our clients to their audience members if we do not understand who it is we are connecting them to. We use what we discover to construct our clients’ messages around the wants and needs of their audiences.

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*in a good money-making way, not in a creepy, violating way.