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SEO Myths and Doughnuts: Improve Search Engine Optimization for Business Through Sweet Content

How to improve Search Engine Optimization for your business has become a telephone game, where everyone and their mother asserts their expertise in the message of what really matters. Spoiler Alert: What you think is right, is likely just a half truth (at best). So how can you improve Search Engine Optimization for your business when so much information out there is junk tech science? What do you need to know about Search Engine Optimization for your business? What are the SEO myths that just won’t die? SEO talk can be dry at best and overwhelming at worst. Yes, it involves a lot. Yes, there is a lot that you as a small business owner need to do to improve search engine optimization for your business. Instead of rushing to do everything at once, think of your SEO game as a box of doughnuts. Mmmm. Sweet, warm doughnuts you can’t wait to devour. Eating all 12 doughnuts at once will make you sick and give up on them altogether. When you eat one doughnut at a time, a little each day, you’ll eventually get to enjoy it all.

Here are a few common SEO Myths you’ve likely run into:

SEO Myths

  • SEO is a one-and-done deal. Set it and forget it. Do it once and you’re done. This is wrong. Search engines like Google frequently change their algorithms and are constantly crawling the web for fresh relevant content for search queries. It is important to continually check your website Analytics to make sure your content is improving in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

  • Insert as many key words as possible to boost keyword density. This is incorrect. “Keyword stuffing” or “stacking” is not looked upon favorably by search engines and can actually hurt your chances of ranking high in Google searches.

  • Search engine rankings are guarantees. Fast-growth agencies sell glittering promises of quick returns on high investments, but ‘Performance and Time frame’ guarantees are not certainties. Unfortunately, clients get stuck in lengthy contracts that get them poor results. SEO is a long- game. While there are immediate measures businesses can take to improve their Search Engine Optimization, there is no quick fix. Think of it like exercise: getting into shape isn’t done overnight. Little measures done regularly pay off in the long run.

  • SEO can be done on a low budget. Sure there are measures you can take to improve your own ranking, but there are simply things you as an expert in your industry and not an expert in coding, web development or SEO strategy will unfortunately be unable to affect. Do you know how to validate HTML markup? Optimize Meta description tags? Affect your sitemap coding? Adjust your DNS Configuration for Google via TXT? My point exactly. Each of these things are critical elements to affecting SEO…and they only scratch the surface. EVEN IF you factor in the time + money YOU spend on doing little things to improve search engine optimization for business, over time it adds up.

  • As long as I add in 5-10 links, I’m fine. Again, junk science. There’s no hard and fast rule for adding links to content, and arbitrarily stuffing your content with links is not strategic. (See Also: Keyword Stacking). While linking to relevant content is a good thing, adding links just for the sake of having tons of links is not.

  • SEO itself is a myth. “Google is losing shares in the Search Market”. Though this may be happening in the United States, Google still has the top market share (95%) in Australia. The myth that SEO no longer holds relevance is simply just junk.

How then, can you improve search engine optimization for your business? Think, again, of SEO as a giant Box of Doughnuts. You’ve got French crullers, Cream-filled ones and even a bear claw if you’re lucky. Today, we’re only going to tackle one task, one doughnut. Do these basic things to improve search engine optimization for business. Then, outsource the rest to the experts.

How to Improve Search Engine Optimization for Your Business, Do These 6 Things

There are several very basic things you can do to improve Search Engine Optimization for your business. Here are a few of the undeniable things you must do first:

  1. Add a Relevant Site Title. Even though your website may use a logo in lieu of a site title, search engines might index your site title. Limit your site title to relevant keywords adding up to no more than 50-60 characters.

  2. Add a Site Description. Keeping your description to 50-150 characters, add relevant content that’s readable by site visitors.

  3. Include your business location. This will improve your chances of appearing in local searches for relevant content.

  4. Connect with Social Media through links and share buttons. Add links to the footer of your site so that visitors can click on them and follow you on your social media platforms.

  5. Add SEO descriptions to each page of your site. These descriptions should include content and keywords relevant to each respective page.

  6. Ensure your site is SSL enabled. Double- check that your site is set to Secure in the SSL setting.

Once you’ve done each of these, the next thing you can do to improve search engine optimization for business is to conduct a search engine audit for your website. This will reveal areas of opportunity for you to improve search engine optimization for business. Present this list to a search engine optimization for business expert such as the Experts in Awesome Bryant Digital. Based on these findings, they will further continue improving search engine optimization for your business by conducting further audits, making changes on the back-end and impacting the entire architecture of your site.

How to Improve your Business Content for SEO

If you’ve noticed: I haven’t mentioned content much to this point, and for good reason: people often see content as being the most important thing to do to improve SEO for business, but it is only one component. Content is important if you want to improve SEO for business, but it is a piece (though a large one) of a greater whole.

Back to the doughnuts: think of Content as one sweet treat in the box of a dozen.

What is Content? What is Sweet Content?

Content consists of the words, videos and visuals that fill your site. Content is the substance your target audience uses to make purchasing decisions, stay informed or understand your industry and its place in their world.

Content gets consumed by your target audience. We at BPC Content believe content should be sweet like the sweet treats at a bakery shop. Sweet Content is content your target audience craves. Sweet content will improve SEO for business by keeping your target audience coming back for more.

Buy Sweet Content for Business

Think about your favorite tv show. What about it do you crave? What keeps you watching every week? When you think of sweet content like your favorite tv show or podcast, think about what keeps you coming back for more. That’s what BPC Content will do: we create sweet content for your business your target audience craves.

What makes our Content Sweet Content?

Our content is sweet content because we put people first. We write for people first and search engines second. Content is being read by people, not be search engines. Sweet content is meant to be enjoyed and consumed like the delicious French cruller in the box. We study intensely your business model, website and social media profiles to get a full understanding of your target market and to capture your voice. We’ll write content to speak directly to the needs of your target audience, making them want to keep coming back to discover more your business has to offer.

When you buy sweet content from BPC Content, you’ll sign up for our monthly content subscription. Each month, you’ll get sweet content for your blog and social media accounts. We’ll even post the content to the respective platforms on your behalf if you so desire.

It is important to know: having sweet content is an important way to improve SEO for your business, it is only one component of the bigger dozen. Many of our clients do not realize: content creation for your business is a full-time job. As a business owner, your time is best spent running your business, not sitting down for hours on end to write sweet content for your business. Outsource all of your business content needs to the expert content writing and SEO team at BPC Content today.

How to Buy Sweet Content for your Website and Blog

When you buy sweet content for your website and blog from BPC Content, you’re getting a full package of sweet content that inherently will help you improve SEO for business:



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  • SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY content for each post

  • PROCESS AUTOMATION for content scheduling

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  • Category & Tag Development


  • 2 CONTENT PIECES TO SEND TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS, 1000 characters/email (one sent to you biweekly)

  • Captivating headline development

  • Intriguing opening line, designed to keep them reading.


  • Customers Buy, Order & Purchase More.

  • Get More Likes, Comments and Follows on Social Media.

  • Their clients see them as an authority in their industry.

  • Better Organic Reach within your Target Audience.

The struggle to improve search engine optimization for your business is real. Let creating content be the last of your worries. Subscribe today and buy sweet content for your business.