Digital nomad

New Year, New Look, New Direction.

2019 is here! 

With the onset of a new year comes the arrival of opportunity, change and new directions; a relinquishing of the old and an embrace of the novel, exciting things yet to come. 

It is with that preface that I allude to the changes to come concerning this blog.

Up to this point, the blog has been an outlet for random writing advice, suggestions for improving effectiveness through grammar mindfulness and a mashup of whatever else.  That hasn’t really served us well or proven useful for you, and I’m willing to accept that and listen.  What you have expressed interest in, is more unveiling of the adventures that occur between the posts and amidst the client deadlines.  

Many of you know the backstory: an entrepren-her with a background in politics who ditched the conventional to live what she learned and learn from that what she gains through living.  How can I utilize what I’ve learned from university, hone it and apply it to my passion for business?

The decision to become a content writer came by serendipitous happenstance: a friend wanted a paper proofread, another needed help writing her real estate newsletter and marketing emails and yet another needed guidance with writing an eBook series.  One document here and there? No problem. Seven documents later and you’re getting invoiced.

In developing content for friends and colleagues, I discovered a pattern: the fundamentals of sound urban planning and great content writing are essentially one in the same: at the heart of both lie a strategic plan providing guidance for construction and direction for development, leverage for smart growth that is profitable and sustainable, and a product that is both beautiful to the senses and useful to the intended stakeholders.

I very quickly found this approach, when followed consistently, produced great content and great cities.  It has worked for developers of commercial real estate and it has worked for myself, a developer of commercial content. 

This is great... but this isn’t what you want to read. What you have expressed interest in, however, are the stories of local adventures that happen outside of my client meetings.  The tours through Le Marais in search of the best croissants traditionnel when I’m in Paris meeting with clients about a blog content project.  The photos of the glaciers of Iceland while writing newsletter copy for a client in Manhattan.  The delicious dumplings in DUMBO before heading to Prospect Park, Brooklyn for a meeting with powerhouse real estate magnates.

It is these adventures you crave, as you’ve expressed they allow you to live the world through our eyes, and it is these adventures we will give you.


Going forward, this blog will be a resource for reading the world a la the voice of the Anglophone- Francophone perspective.  Life, through the fast lens of transatlantic content writers jet-setting, occasionally adulting and otherwise doing whatever it takes to pursue great copy.

What to expect:

-stories of the expat life. 

-empowering words for women entrepreneurs. 

-introspective journaling from digital nomads, aspiring creatives and guest bloggers who live their dream and write great content in between. 

-possibly content writing tips? Who knows. Maybe, if we’re not too busy being globetrotting dynamite divs.


À bientôt! <<See you later!>>