One Thing Buyers Need to Know...and Why You’re Not Telling Them: The Fraught Relationship Between Realtors and Blogging.

One Thing Buyers Need to Know...and Why You’re Not Telling Them: The Fraught Relationship Between Realtors and Blogging.

We all understand that home buying is one of the most important (and most expensive) purchases we’ll make in our lifetime. Of course, this is likely the first thing buyers need to know and I’m sure, if you’re a Realtor, you’ve told them. Good for you. However, there’s something else you’re not telling them, even though you’re 100% confident you are. Think about that one thing.

In my recent business networking group meeting, when it was time to give my 60-second presentation, I asked these two questions to everyone in the room, and they both were met with intrigue and hesitation, because no one could answer them.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve asked these two key questions; usually, some Smarty Pants is quick to respond that ‘yes, they do and here they are’ without realizing that they in fact, do not.

The thing is, the answers to these two questions will NOT tell you the one thing buyers need to know but you’re not telling will SHOW you HOW you’re not telling them.

What is the most pressing need of your target audience?

What have you done to connect the amenities of your listing with the specific needs of your target audience?

Sure, if you sell houses, you’ve shown them your most recent listing. If you’re like some of my real estate clients (note: some of them...before working with me), then that looks like “BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL”. You admit that you want to get more engagement on social media, but can’t understand why your beating a dead horse with your listing promotional posts isn’t getting you the traction you want. You admit that blogging should be high on your business priorities list but you keep putting that off because spending money on a blog still disconnects with you. (Be honest, you’ve likely thought: “Blogging is great an all, but I’m not spending money on it.”) You even admit that your once-in-a-blue-moon blogging and spammy social media posts are not the most effective, but they’re doing something, right?

Let’s bury the horse and stop beating it by setting aside those notions and opening ourselves to the opportunity for a new experience with our real estate digital marketing content.

Set aside the idea that blue-moon blogging is effective; it’s not. Especially when blogging every once in a while means posting ideas that only interest you. 

Set aside the idea that spending money on a blog is dumb; it’s not.  Blogging is no get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a wealth of knowledge and authority building tool for your brand in the long haul. Why cheapen that with content that lacks curb appeal with your target audience?

Now let’s focus on what crafting that new experience. Let’s craft a healthy relationship between our real estate business and blogging. 

First, do this right now, just as my business networking did last week: answer those two questions:

What is the most pressing need of your target audience?

What have you done to connect the amenities of your listing with the specific needs of your target audience?

Next, identify what you have to offer to meet that need. If your answer is ‘a house’, then you’re missing the connection...with my lesson and with your target audience.

Getting specific with your target audience’s pressing need allows you to build greater value through the homes you offer.

Do this by: 

  1. Think about the most pressing need of your most recent home buyers. 

    1. Are they renting and assume they can’t afford to buy?

    2. Are they complaining about their house being too small for their growing family?

    3. Are they ready to enter a new chapter in life that the kids are out of the house and retirement is near?

  2. How did they find the solution to that need in whatever house you sold them?

    1. Was the home of their dreams able to fulfill a specific need? (the right size, the right number of bedrooms, minutes from the Rec Center for Wednesday morning shuffleboard class, along the light rail route for campus, etc.)

    2. Was the home of their dreams able to grant them the lifestyle they sought? (within a resort-like community with concierge amenities and luxe lifestyle resources, for example)

  3. How are you continuing to connect with them after the closing?

    1. No human is an island. (Ask my Great Dane, he would agree.) Your buyers know buyers because people talk.  They talk at networking events. They talk at socials. They talk at church and in study groups. Buyers know other buyers. Get to know who they know and sell the whole block a new house.

  4. Create content that caters to the specific community of buyers you build in steps one through three. If they seek a home near the shuffleboard joint, find more shuffleborders and sell them homes. If they’re students planning to go to undergrad, Masters and everything in between, get to know parents in high school honor society clubs. Create content that speaks to the specific needs of savvy investors seeking to build generational wealth an a manner that’s strategic for their needs. What’s the likelihood a college freshmen will want to move off campus in a year...and they’ll want roommates. Roommates who can pay for a mortgage.

Once you’ve completed each of these steps, schedule a time for a conversation with one of our Content Strategists. We’ll discuss how your real estate digital marketing content can be structured into a blog that will allow you to form community around people looking to buy homes.

Great Blog Hygiene: The Dos & Don’ts of Starting and Maintaining your Blog.

Build community around your industry with you at the center. Don’t let your blog go too long between updates. Write fresh, evergreen content that speaks to your audience’s values and remember: write blogs for people and not for algorithms.

  According to Impact, the number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million next year. With so many bloggers posting content to the internet, it’s important to do everything you can to stay afloat and in the top search results for queries relevant to your content. The way to rank high in search engines with your blog is to maintain good blog hygiene.

Blogging is like personal hygiene: your regular maintenance is good for your health, appeal and relationships with others. Let it go and others will smell it a mile away.

Today, I’m dishing out the blog deodorant and scrubbing through all the ways bad blog hygiene can hurt your brand image, the ways good blog hygiene can bring you to the center or your industry and how it’s never too late to pick up the soap and clean up your blog.

Blogs build community within your industry. 

The purpose of blogs is to build community around a topic or industry and put the person blogging at the center of that community. 

When you blog, you control the conversation around that topic and bring others into that discussion. This gives you an image of authority within your subject matter.

How to build community through blogging in four simple ways: 

  1. Find out what’s trending within your industry and write about it. 
  2. Redirect conversations about your industry topics from Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to your blog. 
  3. Encourage your customers to comment on your blog posts, and get them to share your blog link with their social media followers. 
  4. Participate in blogs with similar content and invite it’s readers to engage with your blog. 

Blogs keep your customers within reach of your products.

Use your blog to keep your customers close by. When you post relevant, evergreen content that speaks to your customers’ values and fills a specific need, your customers will keep coming back to your website for more. Having your customers consistently coming back to your website increases the chance they’ll buy more product.

 Readers value relevant, evergreen content.

Having a blog means nothing if you don’t provide your readers with content that matters to them. Think of it like this: what podcast, tv or radio show keeps you pining for the next episode? What about that show keeps you coming back for more?  

Posting relevant, evergreen content that your customers enjoy reading means you’ll keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

So how can we maintain good blog hygiene and keep customers interested in our content?  Here’s what you need to know.

  • Develop a schedule for posting consistently...and stick to it. Whether it’s daily, weekly or biweekly, decide when and how often to post and do it. Being reliable builds trust with your customers.
  • Post content that your customers want to read.  What matters to your customers? Write to their needs and answer their questions. Expand the dialogue around topics within your industry. What could use further exploration or needs coverage from a fresh angle? Great prompts include: “how to (do a specific thing)”, “Tired of (insert customer problem here)? Do this now for better results”, etc.
  • Use great, professional photos to captivate readers. If you’re going to use photos, they must be captivating. Great content can be ruined by bad photos. It’s worth paying a photographer for excellent professional photos. If you must use smartphone camera photos, avoid over filtering. 
  •  Use headlines that pull readers in for more. The most important part of a blog post is the headline. Great headlines can make you. Bad headlines can break you. The purpose of a headline is to get the reader to keep scrolling down to the next line. 

Now, let’s discuss bad blog hygiene. Here are the things you should avoid with your blog:

  • Don’t let your blog go too long between updates. If readers see you’re not consistently providing relevant, evergreen content then they’ll stop coming back to read more. 
  • Don’t stack posts with a lot of links just for SEO purposes. Search engine algorithms are smarter than you think and can smell when a blog is not written for human eyes to read.  Providing 3-5 links within your blog to other content on the web and even content within your own blog is vital to good search engine ranking, but adding links just for the sake of having links will work against you.
  •  Don’t use long sentences and big words. Keep it simple. Stick with plain language that readers from varying academic levels will understand.

Getting better about blog hygiene is not an overnight process. Instead, make strides in the long haul by making little improvements everyday. Grow your community by increasing your social media reach and migrating your audience to your blog.If social media engagement and networking aren’t your thing, consider outsourcing it to a millennial business mogul (or at least one that’s business networking and social media savvy. If writing blogs is difficult for you, then let us do it for you. We offer blogging subscription services designed to improve your SEO and boost your engagement... go subscribe. Today is the day your blog cleans up its act. Let’s get started.