How Can I Use a Blog for my Real Estate Business?

Real Estate and Blogs. The two go hand in hand more than you think.

Realtors and Brokers, want to learn how to use blogs to increase engagement around your listings and reduce the days they’re on the market? Here’s How.

Let’s be honest: real estate agents are a dime a dozen. In front of every house is a sign; on every car door is a magnet. “SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY” Go to any networking event and you’re likely to run into a realtor. In fact, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates that there are approximately 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States.

That, my friends, is a lot of competition. How, then, are you supposed to stand out from this sea of rivals? What one thing can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Blogs Increase Your Authority Within the local Real Estate Market.

The purpose of blogs is to create community within your industry, with you and your brand at the center. By presenting the information that your potential home buyers want to read, you are controlling the conversation around local real estate. You cannot control what your homebuyers think, but you can control what they think about and what they think about you.

Most agents know the importance of blogs for real estate: those who blog sell more houses. Blogs also increase your notoriety in the area and position your as a tech-savvy realtor. With 32% of millennials buying homes, you need to reach them where they’re at…online. 80% of homebuyers look online when buying a home. Blogging lets you bring those homebuyers directly to your listings and let them see you as the local expert in the industry.

There are about 2 Million Real Estate Agents in the United States. Transform your real estate marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Other reasons why every realtor needs a blog:

  • Educate your homebuyers with your blog. Homebuyers who understand the home purchasing process are better clients and close faster. Don’t assume your target audience knows everything about real estate.

  • Bring your homebuyers into your world. Let your hair down a little and have some fun! Provide your homebuyers with a glimpse into your personal life…what do you do for fun? Lounging on the beach? Visiting museums with your kids? Walking your dog in the local park? Blogging is an opportunity to combine your professional image with your personal life in an endearing, tasteful way.

  • Introduce your future homebuyers to their local community. Selling houses is more than just closing on properties, it’s about curating life for your client within a certain geographic region. Paint the picture of life in their new community. Sources for getting credible community information:

    • Chamber of Commerce

    • Visitor’s Center

    • City/ Town Hall.

    • Long-time residents and neighbors.

How to Build Community Around Your Blog Content:

  • Talk about what matters to homebuyers. Many realtors don’t provide enough information to clients about the home buying process. Be a resource to your homebuyers; educate them. Tell them what they need to know and what to expect throughout the home buying process, from inspections, to closing and the big moment: move-in day.

  • Talk about what matters in your community. Attend local civic league meetings and town hall sessions. Find out what issues are relevant to homeowners in your community. Let homebuyers in on the happenings for their future neighborhood.

  • Bring other experts in. Invite guest bloggers to weigh in on your posts. Interview local political leaders and business owners within the community. Let your future homebuyers see who is passionate about their neighborhood and what they have to offer.

Don’t have time to blog? Buy Blog Posts instead.

If you don’t have time to maintain your blog regularly (weekly or bi-weekly), then we highly recommend purchasing ready-made blog posts for blog. Simply let us know your topic ideas and your official stance on relevant issues, if applicable.

How to buy blog posts online:

  1. Make your selection. We offer one-time blog posts (one-offs) if you just want to buy one blog post, or blog subscription services, where we will provide you with 4 SEO-optimized blog posts designed to sell your listings and promote engagement on your website and with your blog content.

  2. Tell us what to write about. Complete the form at the time of checkout and let us know what you want your blog post to discuss. If you’d like for us to develop topics on your behalf, we will do it for you—just specify on the form at checkout.

  3. You will receive your blog post within 24-48 hours, via email or Google Drive (preferred). Your materials are ready to be posted as soon as you receive them.

Great blog hygiene matters: read about the Do’s & Don’ts of starting a blog here.

Once you’ve purchased or written your blog content, be sure to use professional photos (unless writing a personal content piece, then smartphone images may be appropriate.) Avoid using stock images, as it will cheapen your brand. BPC Content offers access to our professional photos folder for your use based on a subscription fee; most of our clients find this a convenient alternative to hiring photographers.

Finally, remember: when using a blog for your real estate business, focus on three important elements: maintain it frequently and consistently, use professional photos and if you can’t devote a few hours a week to writing blog content, outsource and buy blog posts crafted by the real estate content writing professionals at BPC content.

This post is part of our Better Blog Project Series, where we’re focusing on helping busy professionals get better blog content. What would you like to see? Post in the comments any topics or tutorials you’d like for us to discuss.