Get 3 Sales This Week from your Blog.

For the longest time, scrolling through my news feed felt like sitting behind a fence watching all the Influencers and Big-Budget Advertisers have a field day, raking in ALL THE likes, comments, follows and shares.

Every time I scrolled felt a lot like this.

Then I realized…that fence has a hole.

Now, I’m taking my followers by the hand, pulling them through to my side and showing them the better way. Now, I’m going to show you how to do the same.

  1. If you want to attract followers of your social media accounts and your blog…you must first find the hole in your fence.

    What that looks like, is getting to know the lay of the land. How much do you really now about social media? No, really? Do you ‘get’ how it works? It is nothing more than a platform. It is not your sales rep. It is not your beauty pageant. It is merely a mosh pit, a mezzanine for people to congregate.

    Somewhere in that mezzanine of thrill-seekers is your crew. Your party. Your following. Advertising on social media is merely a way for you to say ‘Marco!’ and wait for your ‘Polos’ to follow.

    Now when I speak of finding the hole in the fence, I mean finding your inroads for gaining traction and visibility in your arena. The playground is big enough for everyone to play, but not everyone needs or wants to play with you. When I explain this to my clients, I tell them: ‘if you’re holding a megaphone to the crowd yelling at everyone, hoping someone will come play, your entire strategy is flawed. What we must do, is don the uniform, grab our whistle, bring the football…and be ready to play when we see the jerseys walk by.’ Your platform, whether its your blog or your Instagram account, is you donning the uniform. The content you post demonstrates whether you’re a major league pro or just the rookie down the street.

    You find the hole in your fence when you post something worthwhile and someone interested in what you have to say engages with it. When a follower engages with your post and asks insightful questions, or continues to follow you from one platform to another…then you’ve found the hole in your fence and your opportunity for a sale. Engage with this person further. Look at the other content they are liking. Find them on another platform, and see what grabs their attention. Then start a conversation. The conversation should begin on that platform and end in your sales cart. There, friends, is your first sellable opportunity from social media and your blog.

  2. To get your second sellable opportunity on social media or your blog, you must have people coming to your content in the first place. This is how advertising works. Buying Facebook and Google Adwords ads willy-nilly saying ‘buy my product now’, however, isn’t what works.

    The purpose of buying social media advertising is to draw people to your content and increase your reach. It is your lighter at the concert that you wave to get others to see where you’re at. That’s it.

    If you want to create effective advertising, you must understand 2 basic things: 1) ads are meant to be polarizing, like a magnet, to attract the tribe that digs your vibe and 2) it will not work if it does not demonstrate how you can satisfy the need of your target audience. So first, find out who you are targeting with your ads and what they need or want. The simplest way to do this, is to adapt content from your most successful social media or blog posts into content for that ad. What was it you said back in February that attracted 900 new likes and 20 new followers? That’s probably what you should be writing MORE of and those are the people with whom you should be connecting.

    Give your followers more of what they want. If what you’re giving them isn’t getting their attention…then you’ve got the wrong following.

Engage with every new follower that clicks, comments or subscribes. Why? There’s something about your content that has attracted them, and they likely can benefit from what you’re selling or the service you’re providing.

Your blog should create a community of people waiting to drink up everything you say. When you engage with them, you discover what it is they want and you’re able to connect the service you provide with whatever it is they want.

For my Realtor clients, this means creating a blog that is a splendid combination of:

  • Realtor advice (they WANT to see that you’re an expert and know your stuff)

  • Personal shenanigans (they WANT to know what life is like in the community where they may live…where are the local watering holes? How active is the local little league? What is there fun to do on the weekend?

  • Neighborhood snapshots (they WANT to see who they’ll be living with, what’s around and who they can get to know)

    and finally,

  • the homes you’re selling…because when they’ve gotten that far they’re ready to message you and say ‘Hey when is that open house for the home you posted yesterday? Can I see more pics?’

Don’t believe me? Ask @ChristyConnects how many Instagrammers have attended open houses after we started creating content for her posts.

We get it, you understand how important it all is for your brand…

….thinking of content to write,
….taking the time to actually write it and SEO optimize it,
…..taking the time to post it and do keyword and hashtag research,
…..taking the time to search for your following and comment, like and engage with them,
…..taking the time to curate the look and feel to match your branding, select photos and present yourself with the professional crispness of a shiny new dollar bill…

…and do it all over again every week and every day.

You understand how important it all is, but you don’t have time to do it.

That’s why we’re here. When you Subscribe to our digital marketing package (which, by the way, isn’t just for Realtors and can be adapted to other business models as well), you get the satisfaction of knowing that your digital marketing game plan is solid, your special teams are in place and you’re ready to play some ball!

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