Increase Repeat Clients

Increase Repeat Clients and Residual Income by Building Community First. Here’s How.

Increase Repeat Clients and Residual Income by Building Community First. Here’s How.

Repeat clients and residual income are the bread and butter of agents. Increase both by building community first. How do you the agent build community? Build community first by being present, connecting with the community members needs, build influence with community stakeholders and become a resource of solutions. 

Every agent knows: location, location, location. Location is key. 69.3% of all movers stayed within the same county. This means more than 2/3rds of movers may return to the same Realtor. This statistic doesn’t just ring true for the real estate industry; this also means movers to a community are likely to stay rooted to that community and therefore agents of other industries like insurance should take heed.

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” -Rollo May

Your focus as an agent, whether a Realtor or an insurance agent, should be on the community. Buyers build community. They are the foundation of it and they become tied to it. Thus as their needs change within that community, their desire to stay within it may even remain the same.

My parents purchased their first home shortly before I was born in 1985. (I completely just aged myself, but that’s alright.) Two more daughters later, they needed a bigger home for the kids and the canines so they purchased a second home and sold their first. 

They remained within 30 miles of the same community.

Fast forward a couple of decades when all of the girls are out of the house and there’s no need for so many bedrooms. My parents purchased a third home. 

Once again, they remained within 30 miles of the same community.

Though my parents’ needs changed, their desire remained the same: to stay in the same community they grew to call home. 

Community roots us, and though branches of those roots may become severed, the taproot stays grounded. As an agent, you are charged with figuring out what keeps that taproot tied down...when you figure that out, you’ll find the secret sauce for what keeps them coming back.

Build Community First, and Clients Second

“When one neighbor helps another, we strengthen our communities.” -Jennifer Pahlka

Connect with the needs of members of the community by understanding what it is that drew them there and what keeps them. Why do they choose to call your community “home”? Do the schools in the community have a reputation for being well-ranked? Are crime rates notoriously low? How involved are the citizens of the community in their local policy process?

Finding out what lures and keeps members of the community tied to that community will help you understand how you can transform community members into clients. So how, then, do you develop that intimate relationship with your community? Do these steps, in this order:

  1. Be Present. Make yourself available in the community as an inquisitive resource that genuinely cares about the community and its needs. First things first: show up. Go where the community convenes and make your presence known. Places to consider getting established:

  • Civic Leagues.

  • Town Hall meetings.

  • Churches and community groups.

  • Design Charrettes and Focus Groups.

  • Local coffee shops. 

I am currently seated at my local coffee shop as I write this content piece. Across the table are a group of gentlemen (a community men’s cycling group) meeting for sandwiches and coffee. They are discussing their concerns with recent city legislative changes and how it might impact property taxes. 

I am tempted to strike a conversation with them to learn their concerns and will then go find out more about the issue so that I can determine if it is an issue that may impact my clientele. I’ll ask myself:

  • Will becoming a subject matter expert on this issue benefit my target audience?

  • How will I use this information to benefit my target audience?

  • In what manner will I disseminate this information to my target audience in a way that benefits them?

  • How will I keep the conversation going about this issue?

  • Is it possible for me to present a viable solution to their concerns, and if so, how can I link my brand as a source of the solution?

  1. Ask Questions. Find out what the needs are of members of the community.

    1. Once you’ve discovered the needs of your community, figure out how you can solve them. 

      1. Tie those needs with your services.

      2. Present yourself as the solution, without presenting yourself as a salesman (or woman)

    2. Start planning your strategy for delivering the solution.

  2. Build Community within your Community. Your next power move is to build community within your community with your service at the center as the solution. 

Increase repeat clients and residual income by building community first. Do this by creating content that presents a solution to the problems within the community. You’ll need to create a hub for your community to convene; this is the purpose of a blog. Create one now.

Before creating a blog, you will need to create content to fill it with. The source of your content should be compilations of your experience as an agent, facts about your industry, your anecdotal cases stories with past and present clients and even your insights into the industry and the future of it as it relates to the community in question. Of course, you’ll also need to spell out exactly how your services are the solutions to problems you’ve identified within the community. That can be the hardest part of creating unique content that connects with your target audience needs.

Once you have this stockpile of unique content for your business, you must articulate it in a way makes potential clients want to invest in YOU.

Writing the actual content you will include in your blog will likely be difficult for you. You’ll likely experience crippling perfectionism that will result in nothing getting written at all. Or, you’ll develop an inconsistent writing schedule that will make your target audience see you as unreliable and flaky.

Blogging is quintessential for positioning your brand as an industry authority...only if done properly. To make sure you’re doing it right, buy unique content for your business. When you purchase content through our firm, we work directly with you to turn your notes and your stockpile of ideas and suggestions into written words that increase repeat clients and residual income.  

Connect with the content strategists and writers at the Blurban Planner Co. today and we’ll get started creating content for your business.