Get More Leads from your Real Estate Digital Marketing Content with This One Proven Strategy.

Get More Leads from your Real Estate Digital Marketing Content with This One Proven Strategy.

Realtors, listen up: unless you're doing this, you’re doing digital marketing completely wrong. When most of my real estate agent clients approach me, I notice they’ve checked off all the boxes for doing everything right...yet they miss the bigger picture when it comes to real estate digital marketing content. Most of them understand that engagement is important, consistency is key and quality content is king; but the big gaping mistake they’re making with their real estate digital marketing content? Their real estate digital marketing content lacks strategy.

Realtors can use digital marketing to boost sales... only if they go about it the right way. 

The need for digital marketing cannot be ignored in the real estate business. More buyers are going online to find homes. It is imperative to make sure your real estate agent profiles are structured to get those buyers looking at your listings. 

Here’s how to get more leads from your real estate digital marketing content: use a strategy for getting more leads and more sales.  In fact, this strategy is so effective, some of my non-real estate clients are using it and are getting results!

Before getting into this proven strategy, think about what I mentioned in my last blog post:
The content we create tends to be shaped by our relationship with the platform on which we’re creating it.

That means the real estate content that we’re creating for our followers on Instagram and on Facebook is influenced by how we use and interact with Instagram and Facebook. Think about it like this: when I go to Starbucks to get work done most weekday mornings, my engagement with other patrons here is of a certain manner. Casual small talk about our respective businesses… “Oh, what do you do? I develop digital marketing strategies for Realtors…”. Very cordial, professional and ‘surface level’. 

Now fast forward to the end of the day, when I’m hanging out with my neighbors Jake and Elizabeth… the stilettos fly off; the solo cups come out (water for me, please) and the conversation, we’ll just say, takes a different tone. 

Now take that a step further and think about how my interactions with my fellow church congregation members differs from either of those engagements. Dressed well, prim and proper with a respectable degree of dignity and reverence.

Our social media platforms are the same. This leads me to the first step for how to get more leads from your real estate digital marketing content and how to get more engagement on social media platforms:

  1. Think about how you interact with your followers on each of your online platforms. 

    1. Take a few notes, examining these critical areas:

      1. Who is following me, and how many is ‘who’?

      2. How did these followers find me?

      3. Of these followers, who is actively engaging?

        1. Are they engaging with me the person or me the brand and business?

        2. How would I describe the content I it funny? Is it solemn? Is it deep and introspective? What about this content is inciting engagement?

    2. Compare your notes based on your initial assumptions about your followers.

      1. Are you attracting who you thought you were attracting with your content?

      2. Are you interacting with people you thought you were interacting with?

        1. What surprises you about your results?

        2. Who are you not surprised by and why?

  2. How many of these followers are in the market to buy or sell their home?

    1. How would you know based on their engagement?

    2. Are you speaking at them or connecting with them when it comes to your real estate digital marketing content?

It’s at step number two that most of my clients have their awakening when it comes to the truth of who they’re interacting with and the engagement they’re getting as far as their real estate digital marketing content.

Most agents speak at their audience and do not connect with them. What that looks like, is posting a lot of pictures of pretty houses with ‘Buy Buy Buy Sell Sell Sell” and not enough posts connecting the value of the home with the specific needs of the audience.

“But I’m already doing that..”

No, you’re not and here’s how I know: 

Have you…

  • Visited their profile, read through their posts and learned what problems they’re having with their current housing situation? 

    • Are they renting and assume they can’t afford to buy?

    • Are they complaining about their house being too small for their growing family?

    • Are they ready to enter a new chapter in life that the kids are out of the house and retirement is near?

  • Listened for ‘trigger words’ that indicate that a new home would connect them with a solution to their problems?

  • Reached out to ask them what stops them right now from buying a new home?

If you’re not connecting the value of the homes you’re selling with the specific needs your target audience members are telling you have through the posts you’re not reading and the content you’re avoiding interacting with, then you’re completely going about this the wrong way.

I’ll continue with the next steps of my proven strategy…

3. At your next open house, strike a conversation about your potential buyer’s Instagram usage...and invite them to follow you.

  1. If they’re at your open house, then they’re interested in your content. This is why they need to be your followers.

  2. How many of your followers from the exercise in Number 2 were attendees at past open house events?

4. Observe who should be following you but isn’t and who is following that you haven’t interacted with to determine their homeownership needs. Only then will you start to see the traction you seek. Only then will you get more leads from your real estate digital marketing content strategy.