Blogging Should be High on Your Business Priorities List. Here's Why.

Buy Blog Posts or Sit down to write them. What matters most is that you get it done.

Blogging is one of the single most important ways you can build perceived value with your target audience, control the dialogue surrounding your industry, maximize your conversions and improve search engine rankings.

The number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million by 2020.

What 31.7 million people realize that you don’t is that blogging is one of the single most effective ways to accomplish most of your business digital marketing goals.

Businesses that blog generate more leads than those who don’t…to the tune of 126% more.

How else can you influence your target audience in such a direct way, maximize conversions AND control the conversations in your industry?

So why is it so difficult for us to sit down and actually DO the blogging thing?

  • We don’t know what to say. The writer’s block struggle is real. It isn’t always easy to sit down and come up with 1500 words and the citations to back them up about topics we otherwise are very passionate and knowledgeable about. The truth is…writing is not easy. What many don’t realize, is that blog writing can be outsourced. When you outsource your content writing and buy blog posts online, you don’t have to spend countless hours struggling with creating things to say.

  • We know what to say…just not how to say it. Articulating what we want to say can be just as difficult as figuring out what to say in the first place. As specialists within our industry, we can be blocked from delivering an elementary, plan-language presentation of the content we want our target audience to know. (If you’re struggling in this department, Copyblogger offers great advice to get the ideas churning.)

  • We know what to say, how to say it…we aren’t taking time to write it. As industry leaders, taking time out of our busy day to sit down and get everything out on paper (or on the screen) is often a challenge. Factor in interruptions, and we find ourselves simply not getting it done.

…but it’s that not getting it done that is destroying our credibility. Our clients look to us as leaders in the industry providing products and services they need. That has a lot of power behind it. When we neglect our blogs, we lose that power.

So before you lose any more of your industry power and credibility as an information source for your customers, keep reading. I’m about to discuss exactly why you should reprioritize blogging, starting now.

Blogging Should be High on Your Business Priorities List. Here's Why.

  • It lets you control the conversation around your industry. As a subject matter expert (SME) within your industry, you are primed to provide critical insider information to your target audience. This gives you credibility and builds perceived value in your business.

  • It creates community around your industry, with you at the center. The purpose of blogging is to create community. A space for customers and industry stakeholders to convene around a specified topic. Readers may weigh-in on topics posted via comments and discussions are often encouraged. When you blog, you become the center of that community.

  • It keeps your business fresh in the minds of your customers. When you post content regularly to your blog, you are remaining in the forefront of your customer’s thoughts. When customers are ready to make a purchasing decision (or some other conversion), it will your business they pursue.

  • It lets customers see your personality. You are a business owner, an industry professional…and also a person. When you blog, your customers get to see who you are and what you’re all about. Blogging is a great way to ‘tastefully let your hair down’ and tell your audience how you really feel and why it matters. Seeing you speak out in a slightly more conversational tone helps build know, like and trust with your target audience.

How to Blog: A Guide for people Who Hate Blogging.

Let’s get honest: you wouldn’t be reading this if you already loved blogging. You’re here because you know you need to be. You’re also here, and that means you’ll have a pain point to overcome; a learning curve you’ll have to surmount before you get good at this whole blogging thing.

Think of blogging in terms of hygiene standards: Good hygiene is appreciated and adds to your value. Bad hygiene can destroy relationships and decrease the likelihood others will want to engage with you.

Blogging is a lot like human body hygiene. When we don’t maintain good blog hygiene, it’s a turnoff to our prospects. They visit our website or blog and see we haven’t published a post in 3 months…what do you think that means in terms of a first impression? When they see nothing but stock photos on every blog post, do you think it sends the right message about your business?

Good blog hygiene will make you. Bad blog hygiene will break you. It really is that simple.

We get it: blogging isn’t easy. This is why we’re starting an initiative to completely shift the way we think about blogging: The Better Blogs Project.

We aim to help other businesses in a collective, community-focused environment get better about blogging.

How to join The Better Blogs Project:

  1. Commit to writing one blog a week. Just one! Don’t have time to write a post? Order here now. Our writers will develop SEO-friendly content with a captivating headline and strong call to action.

  2. Post about it on social media. Use the hashtag #thebetterblogsproject and let us know! We will comment on it and support you… and ask that you do the same.

Simple, right? But not easy…and it’s not meant to be. This is going to be challenging but it is going to get done and you are going to get results. All we ask is to stick with us. The Better Blogs Project has no end date; though you’ll start noticing traction with your conversions as you increase your blogging momentum.

To kickoff The Better Blogs Project, we’re offering a 50% off blog posts in our Content Shop, using the promo code: BETTERBLOGS. You can order blog posts online and we will write a blog post relevant to your industry and your business, with a captivating headline, strong call to action and even in-text links to cross- references.

Now that you have the tools necessary to get started, join us on The Better Blogs Project. Comment below any questions you have about blogging, and we’ll answer them. As always, reach out for support if you have any questions about getting good with your blog hygiene.