Le Peloton: How Bikes, Paris & a Flat White can Teach us How to Topic Cluster and SEO.

Mmm. Flat White. Never heard of it? Well, I’m about to tell you a thing or two about how bikes, great coffee and Paris can teach us to use  Topic Clusters to Improve Search Engine Ranking and Organize our Content into Digestible Nuggets.



A Topic Cluster is a very simple concept. It comprises everything you need, chunked off into bite- sized bits (clusters) of edible content. It’s everything you want, organized such that you know where to go to get what you need.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Great! But what do bikes and coffee in Paris have to do with anything?”

Trust me, I’ve got you.

While in Marais (Paris), we dropped into a coffee shop known for two things: coffee + bikes.


Le Peloton Café is a small coffeeshop catered to cycling enthusiasts.  Known for their Flat White (which I’m told uses real milk), Peloton is a hub for those seeking to rent bicycles, sign up for bike tours through the city and to Versailles and provides meeting space for cycling clubs.

Let’s examine what Le Peloton has to tech us about Topic Clusters.

If our topic is ‘Bikes and Coffee in Paris’, then what might our subtopics branching from that topic be?

Bikes and Coffee

  • ‘Where to get Flat White Coffee in Paris’

  • ‘Bike Tours in Paris’

  • ‘Meetups for Bicyclists in Paris’

  • ‘Bike Shops in Paris’

Now let’s say we’re going to design a website for Le Peloton. What would it say?

The information to be disseminated through our website is our content, and before we begin developing that content, we must determine who it is we aim to target with that content in the first place: our target audience.

For Le Peloton, our target audience is coffee lovers who also, perhaps, bike.

So, back to our Topic Cluster. What is going to be the basis for our landing page content?


You got it: Bikes and Coffee.

What that might look like, is information about the café, the inspiration behind its origins and a brief, 1-2 sentences about each of our subtopics with links to a page about each one...

...so we must now create a page for each one.

Here’s where that buzzword SEO starts creeping in. Here’s where we start getting into the mindset of the ‘how to’ for search engine optimization, search engine ranking and search engine marketing, so pay attention.

When we link to each of those subtopics and provide a mini- network of links and cross links all related to bikes and coffee, we’re telling search engines “hey, whassup Google! Awwww gurrrrl we’ve got your ‘bikes and coffee’ right here!”

And since we’ve been including keywords like ‘bikes’ and ‘coffee’ and ‘bike tours’ et cetera throughout each of our pages and our links, we’ve left delicious scent trails of chunked off, bite-sized nuggets for search engines to eat up and hopefully, spit back out on the top of their results when our target audience searches for content about ‘bikes and coffee’ (read: search engine ranking).

So there you have it, a very basic explanation of what Flat Whites, bicycles and Parisian coffeeshops have to do with Topic Clusters, SEO and Search Engine Marketing.

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