Poor Grammar: The Cheapening of Your Brand’s Worth.


Poor grammar is the silent killer of sales conversions, striking naive business owners like a tumor. Maybe it begins with the your/ you’re error: a customer sees your mistake in a product description. One or two mistakes here or there may not be a big deal to you, but to your customers or clients it cheapens the perceived value of your brand’s worth.

”Do they not care about their brand’s image to hire an editor?” 

 ”They’re charging me X price (sic) but they can’t afford someone to proofread or write their descriptions?”

The sad reality is that humans are discretionary, discerning creatures and we have been subconsciously trained to associate ‘correctness’ with worth. 

How you present your business content is a reflection of you the business owner.  Ask yourself:

  •  “How might what I’ve written indicate my level of mastery of the language of my industry?” (Am I using industry- appropriate language? Am I properly using the buzzwords of my field?)
  • Does what I’ve written reflect where I’m from or what I’ve been exposed to, possibly in a way that posits me in a manner I don’t appreciate? (For example: ‘youse’ guys vs. y’all/ ‘cut’ the lights off/ etc.) 
  • If the language of my content isn’t my native language, have I had it reviewed by a native speaker? (Unfortunately, language is used as a means of discrimination, especially when it comes to business relations. Accents, context/ syntax errors and tense- agreement issues can block potential customers from fully understanding the value of your product or service.)

Not convinced? Read the following phrases, and think about your first impressions of the potential speakers: 

  •  ”My last client was upset because she no found a solution to managing her busy schedule, until she found me.”
  • ”I’ve been in this field for over thirteen years. I’d like to give you some advices about overcoming your fears.” 
  • ”How was you able to keep your weight under control during the holidays? I is ready to work with you to develop a plan for achieving your dreams.”
  • ”I’m a therapist trained in family problems like y’alls. I’d love to meet with y’all next week. Are you free?”
  • “Most of my clients be saying they feel that other coaches charge them to much. My firm operates on a income- based sliding scale.” 

What did you think? What were your assumptions?

Each statement represents a particular vernacular feature that is specific to certain countries or regions within a country.   

This is not intended to offend or hurt anyone.  The purpose of this article is to present a rational case for the importance of language critique in small business content management.  As a member of the business elite, you owe it to yourself and the reputation of your brand to invest in professional editing services for all of your important communication.  

Luckily, there are editing services available to you, and average between $6 and $7.75 per page. My company, The Blurban Planner Co., has revolutionized this service by designing a content editing infrastructure where business owners can email their social media post drafts, business documents and other material straight to my desktop without the hassle of dealing with transactions each time.

  How it Works:

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Don’t let another day and another document slip through your grips before having it professionally edited.

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