Who we are

We are a team of everyday people who love to support our fellow small business owners. The Mom & Pop Shops of the world. The Dreamers. The Entrepreneurs. Your ideas, your ingenuity built our world and all the services in it. We salute you, and want to create delicious, sweet content for your business. We are writers, content creators and editors. We are web developers. We are SEO experts. We are licensed, insured and here to serve you. Order Up.

Where we Operate

Blurban Planner Co. is a multinational enterprise based in Coastal Virginia, in the United States.


We will provide the content to power your business. This includes:

  1. Blogs.

  2. Website Copy.

  3. Email Marketing Content.

We even offer landing page creation services and optimization, if that’s what your business needs.

Amazing Work.

“”Leslie does amazing work and we love utilizing her services for Limitless International.”
— M.S., Limitless International

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